MobilePay issues / Call back issues Friday 17th November 2023 12:07:00

We are currently experiencing issues with MobilePay payments.

Also it seems callbacks are delayed on payments.

Everything is under investigation.

We are again processing MobilePay transactions. VippsPSP transactions have also been affected in the time frame.

We are still investigating the pending MobilePay transactions and delayed callbacks, and monitoring.

If you diabled MobilePay during this time, you can reactivate it now. Remember to do a test purchase to make sure it works as expected.

You can disable MobilePay Online in your online store to make sure that customers do not experience the error in the payment window.

Callbacks are still getting delayed.

We are still experiencing problems.

To avoid having pending MPO transactions, the service is shut down. Customers will receive an error instantly as they select MobilePay in the payment window.

Callbacks are still delayed. We are looking into the issue. Credit card payments are affected by delayed callbacks. They are being authorized correctly, but we are missing the callback. Orders should be created correctly once the callbacks arrive.